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Credit Union of the Year

This award will recognize the overall excellence and achievements of a NAFCU-member credit union based on its outstanding operation and adherence to traditional credit union philosophy. 

Judging Criteria

Nominations will be judged based on how well they meet the selection criteria listed below. Your narrative description (required for entry) should specifically address each of these items: 

  1. Unusual growth, success, innovative member service, or a credit union that has successfully handled an adverse situation 

  2. Impact of the action(s) cited in the nomination on the credit union, its members, or the credit union community 

  3. Adherence to principles of sound financial management. Commitment to consumer education, the community, and/or service to low- and moderate-income individuals. (Some examples of services to low- and moderate-income individuals include risk-based lending to those with poor credit scores, credit union branches in high schools, service in low-income areas or to junior enlisted service members and their families on military bases.)